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We team with senior tax professionals to deliver integrated services in areas ranging from tax planning, accounting, tax law and policy advisory services to tax disciplines.


Our practitioners focus on amalgamting enterprise performance management with appropriate regional and global insight on the latest developments in tax policy and legislation to help companies better assess the economic and fiscal impact related to tax, develop and execute effective business strategies with strong accountability and governance, effectively mitigate financial risks, improve tax process and controls and elevate business performance. 


We have extensive experience in serving various kinds of enterprises including foreign-invested enterprises, domestic enterprises, private enterprises, chain stores and group companies, etc.


Tehong can help you to:


▪ Deploy early warning and report on business tax compliance and audit strategies

▪ Guide you in economic contract design referring to tax provisions, reviewing and approving contract

▪ Guide you in writing, revising and approving legal documents related to tax

▪ Provide insights on the latest tax policies and assess its economic and fiscal impact on enterprises

▪ Conduct tax negotiations

▪ Provide resolutions for tax cases

▪ Participate in tax planning and assist in its execution

▪ Establish and optimize internal control and risk prevention system

▪ Coordinate the relationship between enterprises and tax authorities and resolve tax disputes

▪ Provide financial and tax discipline for financial practioners and managers


Our philosophy of client service is centered upon quality, responsibility and insight. We strive to help our clients proactively manage risks while making sure they are meeting legal obligations.


We are here for you throughout the year.

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