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Feasibility Study for Investment


A successful investment project is the one that fulfills the intended purposes and meets all the financial goals as described in the feasibility study. We can serve you with expert advice centering upon your investment requirements and provide you up-to-date and quality market research. We deliver a full range of investment solutions to our clients by undertaking feasibility studies to offer insights of their investment projects’ potential to succeed and the corresponding alternative ways for achieving success.


Overall, what distinguish Tehong’s investment activities are:

▪We provide customized investment services from pre-investment feasibility studies and appraisals to development and execution of business projects.

▪We provide professional services to assist overseas enterprises to implement their investment projects profitably and economically in China.

▪We help overseas companies to identify suitable partners, form joint ventures as well as provide them a full range of establishment services needed for conducting business in China.


Many investment projects cannot succeed because there are still ways for achieving the business objectives not thoroughly explored and tested. Tehong can help you identify the pros and cons and NPV of each option for selecting the best options and conduct detailed appraisal and financial analysis for the best ones. We undertake investment feasibility report to help you make a profitable investment and ensure you are in compliance with legal obligations. We provide feasibility studies that include in-depth comparative reviews of all the preferred options to help you yield optimized economic benefits.


Our experienced experts can help you conduct effective feasibility studies with unbiased and objective approaches that provide:


▪Historical background of your investment projects

▪Description of your products or services

▪Accounting statements and financial data

▪Details of the operations and management options

▪Marketing research

▪Legal requirements and policies

▪Tax obligations


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