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Panacea TG Global Management Consulting Pte. Ltd. comprises a team of highly competent professionals, knowledgeable and are regularly updated with accounting and auditing standards, tax regulations and financial reporting requirements in Singapore and China. We are firmly committed to the provision of high-quality corporate services. We place a strong emphasis on efficiency, integrity, and reliability in working with clients.

What We Provide

Registration of Business

We provide all-rounded business registration services in Singapore and China. Our teams provide state-of-the-art advisory services to companies in accordance with the laws and regulations of Singapore and China preliminary to registering the business. We promise to provide efficient and secure business registration service, as well as acquiring with the Certificate of Incorporation, fastest service in just one day!

Immigration Business Visits

For you to understand the business environment of Singapore and China better, as well as to ensure decisions were made to benefit your future business following the economic developments of both Singapore and China. Panacea provides one-stop services to help you get started by living and doing business in Singapore or China, and we want to help you to comprehend the dynamics of the two countries with own experiences.

Annual Auditing and Accounting Service

Our dedicated professional team of CPA, tax planners, and secretaries, experienced in projects such as financial and tax planning for Singapore local companies, accounting, and bookkeeping, reform of shares, company regrouping, merger and acquisitions. We also offer high-quality secretarial services; we will produce meaningful, vocational and timely documents for annual financial reports, AGM, tax claims, and management reports.

Application of Government Incentives

       We assist our clients in applying and enquiring all relating business incentives in Singapore and China; we save you from the troubles of dealing with government agencies so you can concentrate on the development of your core business.

Services what we offer

    1Company Formation

Corporate Headquarter

Established Mode for Corporate Legal Person Plan

Investment Plan Analyze

Investment & Taxation Report

Business Proposal

Feasible Investment Report

    2Company-Early Stage

Bookkeeping Services: Accounting Mode, Advisory Mode,

Computerized Accounting & Implement ERP Guidance

Tax Return (Domestic & International)

International Tax Exemption & Deduction Procedures

Tax & Financial Plan

Establish Standard Accounting System

Establish Accounting System

Establish Financial Control System

Financial Organization Structure & Post Responsibility

    3Company-Growing Stage

Corporate Business Law

International Tax Exemption

Transfer Ownership & Business Valuation

Tax & Financial Plan

Merger & Acquisition (M &A) & Corporate Trust

IPO Services

Salary and Benefit Program

Estimated Corporate Value Project

Project Budgeting Analysis

Internal Audit Project

    4Finance Outsourcing

Corporation CFO & Financial Manager will be appointed by Advisor.

Financial Services Partial Outsourcing

Financial Services Entire Outsourcing

    5Company Regrouping

Contractor and Subcontractor

Subsidiary Separation

Corporate Intangible Asset

Asset Liquidation

Business Equity Exchange

Business Asset valuation

Business Asset Income Valuations

    6Company Dissolution/Alteration

Asset Sales & Auctions

Litigation & Arbitration

Dismissal Employees

Business Entire & Partial Transfer

Business Liquidation & Insolvency

    7Audit & Assurance

Internal Audit, Duty Audit, Internal Testing, Information Disclosure

Due Diligent Investigation, Special Audit, Project Audit

Land Value-Added Tax, Settlement & Payment Income Tax, Asset Losses

Tax Identification, Tax Settlement, Transfer Pricing

    8 Annual Service

Intellectual Property Project

Commercial Legal Advisory

Financial & Legal Labor Relations Program

Tax Advisory

Financial Management Advisory

Equity Relationship

    9Convenience Services

Electronic Governmental Affairs

Government Application and Approval Consultant

Employee’s management: Certificates, Contracts, Social Insurance and Payroll

Trademark Registration

Business Registration, Corporate Certificates Alteration, Annual Report Review

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Hotline:  13711113353  Email: tehong@tehong.com 



Address: 7500A Beach Road The Plaza , Singapore 199591

Phone: +65-81543207


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