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China Work Visa 

Chinese work visa, known as Z visa, is issued by Chinese embassies and consulates to non-Chinese citizens who are seeking to be employed in China. The Z visa is the only valid work visa in China. If a foreigner works in China with a tourist or other non-Z visa, or accepts part-time employment without a legitimate permission, he could encounter serious legal problems against the Chinese government. 

For obtaining a China work visa, you should go through the following guidance:

I) You shall find an employer in China before applying for a work visa. Since it is illegal to work with a travel visa, it is obligatory to obtain a work visa before you enter into the labor market in China.

IIEmployment permit is required for foreigners to work in China. For professionals, you should apply for foreign expert certificate that is issued by the State Foreign Expert Affairs Administration’s government. For others, you shall apply for an Alien Employment License issued by the Ministry of Labor and Social Security Bureau.

III) An Official Invitation Notice from your employer is necessary for China Visa Application. The official invitation notice shall specify the number of entries, term of validity and duration of each stay allowed according to the work visa you hold.

V) You shall visit the official website of Chinese embassy and download the Chinese visa application form which is available for all types of visa. You shall fill in the application form in black ink or with a sign pen.

VI) You shall prepare a recent, two inch, bareheaded, full-faced passport photo and affix it on the application form. You should not wear a hot or glasses in the photo.


VII) You shall hold a valid passport that has at least six months validity left before the expiration date and at least one blank page left in it.


VIII) You shall prepare all of the required documents and apply for your work visa at a Chinese embassy or consulate. Generally, the standard procedure takes four to five business days under the condition that you have all the required documents prepared accurately.


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