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 Franchised Chain Standard Operation Procedure (SOP) & Solutions


For a Franchised Chain to conduct SOP, it contributes to optimize the whole production process by aligning all activities involved into an organized, scientific and systematic approach. 


To continue improving the performance of a franchised chain, you should conduct SOP to strengthen safety awareness, improve safety quality, streamline management process and improve business operational efficiency.


Franchised Chain SOP is a systematic procedure. Tehong can help you in:


▪ Departmental training

▪ Company documents formulation and revision.

▪ Review of your Supporting documents for compliance with all regulatory requirements and actual working situations.

▪ Application and continuous improvement of SOP


We can assist you in conducting SOP from strategy through execution in order to maintain your workforce effectiveness, continuously improve the performance of your organization and sustain that improvement.


We are here for you throughout the year.                                                                                                       

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