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Our Audit Services


We team with certified experts in accounting, tax and law who are experienced in delivering audit services to companies across industries, products and organizational structures. We strive to deliver ongoing optimum services fitting your specific needs.


We have extensive experience in serving various kinds of enterprises including foreign-invested, domestic, private, chain stores and group companies, etc. Our audit practioners integrate deep knowledge with high quality auditing tools and latest perspectives of related policies, legislation and administration to provide you with a tailored service and help you achieve your organization's maxium potential.


At Tehong, we can assist you in:

▪ Value-added tax management audit
▪ Financial statement audit
▪ Due diligence

▪ Internal audit and control

▪ Audit report of assets appraisal

▪ Audit report of foreign exchange accounts

▪ Performance audit report


We are dedicated to providing you timely and effective review of your processes and controls for helping you to build a robust and efficient system which dresses your needs and risks continually.


We are here for you throughout the year.

 Contact us:

Hotline: 400-888-0731


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