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Public Relations


Our public relations specialists commence a train of public events including conferences, entrepreneur salons, lectures and professional training programs throughout the year. Our people have high level of communication skills, organizational and planning skills. We write press releases, arrange interviews and publish essays, cooperating with media such as television, newspaper, magazines and internet social network.


We take on entrepreneur summits, professional forums and entrepreneur salons to build an interactive platform for our clients to meet other enterprisers from certain industries and regions and learn from each others' experience, which contributes to the development of our clients’ business.


We invite senior professionals and officers from certain areas as keynote speakers of our lectures and training programs. To promote sustainable development of our clients’ business, we provide technical support and in-house professional disciplines by organizing activities that focus on the most pressing issues companies are facing regionally or worldwidely.


Our public relations specialists are responsible for handling internal and external communication with the public on behalf of Tehong and collaborating with government authorities, enterprises, associations and chamber of commerce. We concentrate on improving and maintaining Tehong’s image and reputation.


We are here for you throughout the year.

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