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Human Resource Strategy

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Human Resource Strategy 

Employees are human capital of an enterprise. It is important to design and implement appropriate human resource strategies that complement the business competitive strategies of a company. 

It is the particular contingent circumstances an enterprise facing that decides the structure of an organization. These contingency variables can be the size of the enterprise, the dynamism of the environment, complexity of the working tasks and the technical system of the business, etc. Different combinations of these variables lead certain operational and management strategies to be more effective for an enterprise than others. Similarly, the strategies for achieving competitive advantages are diversified for different types of companies. 

Since the business strategy of an enterprise is unique, its corresponding human resource strategy should be also unique in order to adapt to the development requirements of a company. Innovation-oriented human resource strategy fits companies that focus on stimulating and developing employees’ creativity and adaptability. When enterprises highlight employee contributions, contribution-oriented human resource strategy is advantageous for promoting productivity and work potential to support the overall cost leadership strategy. For the companies need to retain employees especially the senior ones while enhance current employees’ loyalty in their planning and working for a certain segment.


Tehong provides you different human resource strategies and reward systems focusing on different orientations tailored to your competitive strategies to help you optimize your competitive advantages. We are dedicated to helping you properly design and execute your reward system that encompasses:


▪Multi-channel scheme for employees to advance their career

▪Fair and transparent mechanism for distributing salaries based on job value and performance contribution

▪Multi-dimensional employee benefit scheme


A competitive HR strategy is to focus on understanding the sustained competitive advantages of human capital. Tehong can help you develop effective human resource strategies tailored to your organization's unique business strategies and business contexts. 


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